Asphalt Drum Mixers

What Are Asphalt Drum Mixers?

A custom asphalt drum mixer is the traditional means by which asphalt is produced. Its purpose is to fuse aggregates, sand and a filler such as stone dust into a carefully proportioned mixture that is coated with a binder such as bitumen or tar. The asphalt is then heated to a temperature that will leave it workable when it arrives at its final destination, usually around 100 to 200 degrees Celsius. While producing asphalt is not cheap, cutting corners on its production can be disastrous; a bad batch of asphalt always has to be torn up, removed and a new batch of better asphalt must be laid down in its place. With this in mind, it pays to get it right the first time.


Custom Asphalt Drum Mixer


An asphalt drum mixer consists of a system pumping cold aggregate through the plant, a drum dryer device, a device feeding coal throughout the system, an elevator that moves hot aggregate where it needs to go, a vibrating screen, a system that supplies essential filler to the asphalt drum mixer, another system that feeds the supply of the binding agent (usually bitumen, but sometimes tar), a storage device that keeps the end product hot enough to be workable to a road building crew and a system for weighing and mixing it all together.


Asphalt generally uses sand as a key ingredient; however, sand generally has an undesirably high water content, and boiling this water out of the sand is a major part of the cost of heating the aggregate that goes into the asphalt. The asphalt's binder comes in different grades that affect how easily it is penetrated by a needle as a means of predicting how workable the asphalt will be while it is hot and how stiff it will be when it finally cools down. The filler product fills the empty spots between the aggregate grains and makes the end product more durable, generally put into the asphalt mixture dry during or after putting the binder into the mixture.


Asphalt Plant Equipment

Asphalt drum mixers in particular produces asphalt continuously as long as its running. While an asphalt drum mixer is running, the raw aggregate is piped in as a precisely control rate and fed into a heater drum. Once the product is hot enough, it is quickly coated by spraybars behind the burner spitting out the binder. Once the asphalt is properly mixed and coated, the finished mixture is almost always piped into a hot storage silo or surge bin, rather than into a vehicle that delivers the asphalt to its desired location. While this production method is not really good for a short term project where a relatively low amount of asphalt is needed, the process can produce hundreds of tons of asphalt per hour when it works at maximum speed. Precise control of this process is essential, and all asphalt drum mixers require the use of industrial computer control systems and programmable logic controllers to ensure that the asphalt is properly mixed to the exact specifications needed to work as a road stone.



Custom Asphalt Dryers

Herman Grant Company will custom fabricate complete asphalt drum mixers or asphault dryers for your existing plant. Our in-house engineering staff will work with you in determining your specific needs. Flights for each asphalt drum is designed for maximum production with minimum fuel usage. All fabrication worck is done on-site at our modern welding and fabrication plant. With shop personnel averaging over 15 years experience, Herman Grant produces not only a quality product, but an affordable one.

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