Asphalt Dryers

Creating The Best Asphalt Dryers

When you're dealing with asphalt on a major industrial scale, you want to know that your asphalt dryers or drums are the absolute top of the line options. Asphalt contractors know how high costs can be in the business, and the last thing you need to be worrying about is a substandard piece of equipment derailing your work day and adding major expenses to your already annoyingly high expense sheet.


When you want quality custom solutions to meet all of your needs for custom asphalt dryers, it's time to contact our professionals here at the Herman Grant Company.


Asphalt Dryers

What Sets Us Apart?

We believe in finding you custom solutions that fit your exact needs. We don't try to make a second-hand cookie cutter setup work just well enough - we go the extra mile to figure out your most pressing needs and to take care of them.

We employ full time engineers in house who will show up to your plant and take a look at your setup. The asphalt dryer will be designed for your actual plant setup and figure out the best way to minimize expenses during every part of the process while designing a dryer that takes care of your specific needs and works to give you the highest maximum production possible while being fuel efficient to save you as much as possible!


Our engineers will figure out the best plans and let you know what your ideal options are when it comes to customized asphalt dryers. All the actual fabrication work is done by us, as well. We don't outsource the work at all, we oversee every step of the process including modern welding and fabrication at our plant (which is state of the art - only the best tools).


Add in an average of 15 years of experience from every worker and you can see why we're able to provide you with the best in customized plant solutions and all at a price that won't bust your budget.


Quality Matter to Us

You'll find we aim to provide you with a customized asphalt dryer that maximizes the amount of heat transferred, saves you money by running more efficiently, and increases your production. Asphalt dryers can be very expensive, but the right custom solution is an investment that will make you happy and save you money over the long-term.


How Much Will Our Custom Asphalt Dryer Save You?

The big question always comes down to long-term savings. We won't know this for sure until we see the old setup, bring in our custom designs, and while we can estimate, you'll never quite know until things kick into full gear. That being said, our custom designs have saved other clients 20-30% in energy expenses while increasing production, so we know how to save our clients money!


Call Us Today!

Why go another day with an inferior dryer just waiting to break down? Call our specialists today at 423-266-6138 and let us show you what Herman Grant can do for you!


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