Asphalt Storage Tanks

Custom Tanks

The recycled asphalt pavement industry is a very complex industry and to start up in this type of industry would require specialized equipment from a company that knows how to manufacture, install, and explain each piece of equipment. For example, some of the things that you would require would be cold feed bins, baghouses, drum mixers and dryers, and of course AC tanks.


Asphalt Storage TanksAC tanks are manufactured using plate steel 1/4 inch thick and each tank has to be built from specifications found in UL-142. Tanks can be designed to be either stationary or portable. Each tank will have a series of lateral heating coils with a hot oil control valve or a direct fire tube that uses a hot scavenger system. Connections for this type of asphalt tank would require a two way mounted plug valve that is 150# flanged.


A three inch fiberglass insulation cover jacket is standard for all such tanks. You can also order an optional products such as a six-inch fiberglass insulation cover jacket, walkways with handrails when using multiple tank arrangements, split compartments, and top agitators. These specifications are for horizontal asphalt storage tanks. You can also choose a vertical asphalt storage tank.


Vertical Asphalt Storage Tanks

verticle AC tanksA vertical asphalt storage tank is also constructed from 1/4 inch plate steel and must also be manufactured according to the specifications found in UL u2013 142. The vertical tank may be preferred because it requires less square footage of space than do the horizontal tanks. A vertical tank can be used for both modified and regular grades of asphalt. The vertical tank uses similar heating coil and control valve arrangements as the horizontal tank. Also, the asphalt connections and two way valves are the same. If a vertical tank is required for storing polymer modified asphalt then it will have to include internal baffles as well as top handrails, a cage ladder, and a top mount agitator.


If an recycling asphalt pavement company requires fuel oil storage tanks then they too can purchase these from the same company that manufactures the AC tanks for asphalt. The main difference is that these tanks are offered as either a double or single wall, horizontal or vertical, portable or stationary unit. Once again, the fuel tanks will have to be manufactured according to UL u2013 142 standards.


These particular fuel tanks can be used for a #2 fuel oil or any of the heavier blended fuel oils. If you are to use fuel oils that are heavier blended then you will required to preheat the oil with a fuel pre-heater or by means of an internal heating coil that has a hot oil control valve. Some of the options that are available for this particular type of storage tank include fuel oil pump, three inch sick fiberglass insulation including jacket, and duplex piping and strainer.


The key to purchasing any of the above tanks is to choose a manufacturer that has the knowledge and ability to produce custom built, quality storage tanks. A good storage tank manufacturer should also be able to produce asphalt calibration tanks and additive tanks. They will also be a company that can provide any replacement asphalt plant parts when necessary.


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