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Asphalt Plant Baghouses offer dust collection solutions for asphalt plants and asphalt machinery, that will filter out dust and dirt from the air. Herman Grant Company fabricates custom dust collection systems, including cyclones, fans, knock-out boxes and baghouses for a wide range of industries.


A Baghouse controls air pollution by removing particles from the atmosphere. Solutions such as the Herman Grant Pulse Jet are designed to exceed EPA compliance standards, and are quick and easy to install, they offer:



- Snapband bags that are easy to replace.
- Valves that are easily accessible without the need to climb on potentially dangerous ladders.
- Top outlet, blowdown headers, which allow cleaner running valves.
- Several sizes to choose from, including flows of up to 100,000 ACFM.
- Lids that can be removed by a single person
- Simple three-piece construction
- Custom-build to your company's specifications.

The modular design means that these products can be put together quickly and easily - they come in just three pieces. Once they are in place it is easy to change the bags and clean the valves, and for the most part maintenance is a one-man job.


About Asphalt Plant Baghouses:

The idea of the baghouse is relatively new - it came into common use in the 1970s, when high-temperature fabrics became available. These systems are incredibly effective at collecting dust particles - and will usually remove 99% of particles from the air, even if the particles are incredibly small.


asphalt plant baghouses


The gas enters the baghouse through a hopper, and is drawn through the bags, which is where the cleaning takes place. It will then usually go through a standard filter, before being released back into the atmosphere.


Why Modular Matters

The modular design is important because it means that it is easy to get the baghouse up and running. The drums and driers we offer are custom-made in the Chattanooga factory, and are incredibly reliable. In the event that something does go wrong with one of our products, we can offer you a high quality replacement part that will be delivered quickly, and that should be easy to install.

Day to day maintenance is something that anyone with a small amount of training can do - our installations have a lid dolly lift, so removing the lid is a one-man job, and all of the user-serviceable parts are designed to be safely accessible.


Reducing pollution should be the goal of any organization, and we are committed to helping people do exactly that. The filters use a combination of inertial collection, interception, brownian movement and electrostatic forces to collect dust particles from the atmosphere. These mechanisms will cause dust to build up on the filter, and this will eventually slow down the flow of air through the filter. To prevent this, the filter should be cleaned on a regular basis.


Some filtration systems use a mechanical shaker design, where the filter is kept cleaner for longer because dist is removed from it through vibration. However, even this design of filter will occasionally need cleaning to get rid of excess dust.


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