Cold Feed Bins

Material Conveying and Cold Feed Bins


Cold feed bins come in a few different varieties, including aggregate bins and storage or surge silos. It is important that these bins are made of high quality materials, and that they are robust and attractive, because they will most likely be storing a high volume of materials.


Custom Cold Feed BinsCold feed bins are sold in systems made up of between two and six bin units. Each bin is constructed of 1/4 inch thick steel plates, and has heavy-duty channel stiffeners. There are two standard sizes for bin openings - 10' x 12', and 10' x 14', which are the most common sizes for loaders.


To ensure that material flows smoothly into the bins, they are made with self-relieving bottoms, and they have heavy skirts which will minimise potential spillage of materials.


As standard, you can choose from variable speed drives with Eddy Current, AC Inverter or DC Drive options. The 30" collecting conveyor comes with toughing rollers that are 4" in diameter, and these can be custom designed to suit a wide range of operations.


Surge and Storage Silos

In addition to cold feed bins, many operations also use silos, with capacities of between 100 and 300 tons. Again, these must be very robust to cope with the volume of materials that they will see passing through them. They are offered in portable or stationary models, and they are thick, heavy, and well insulated to ensure that they keep the mix that they are holding at a steady temperature.

Conveyors, elevators, bins and silos can end up being required to process several hundred tons per hour, and it is imperative that they are designed in a way that minimises wastage and preserves the materials that you are working with.custom aslphalt machinery


Safety is another important consideration. The best conveyors and bins are designed to be as easy to maintain as possible, with easy access to any areas that will need inspected, and plenty of protection around any moving parts.


If you are going to use blending hoppers with your bins, make sure that they fit correctly, and that they have sufficient rubber flashing to minimise leakage and control the flow between the hopper and the feeder. A good hopper will have an adjustable discharge gate that allows the operator to control the rate at which material flows from each hopper. Some hoppers have self-cleaning pulleys too.


Cold Feed Bins and hoppers can be large, heavy and expensive, but they should last for many years. It is not uncommon for business owners in developing countries to invest in second hand hoppers, feeders and bins, to keep their costs down. In emerging markets where there is a lot of investing going on into the development of modern infrastructure, there can be a lot of industrial equipment on the second hand market, so it is possible to get very good deals. For businesses in the west, it makes sense to purchase high quality new cold feed bins from a reputable supplier and get them installed correctly.


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