Sand Drying Equipment

What to Look for in Sand Drying Equipment

Sand drying equipment is quite heavy-duty equipment, which is made of complex feed and control systems, baghouses, drums, and more. The drums themselves are driven using either trunnions or chains, and it is important that you choose the right design to ensure that the systems are reliable and up to the job at hand.


sand drying equipment

Sand drying equipment can be quite expensive, but it is also very resilient. It is possible to purchase it second-hand, and have it moved to your site and reassembled. In fact, many people do this, especially those in developing countries.


Who Uses This Equipment

Sand Drying equipment is often used in the coal industry, and in the sand making industry. It can process silica, mineral sand, grain slag, coal ash and cinder, blast furnace slag and artificial sand.

While the name is 'sand drying', this type of equipment can also be used to dry other bulk materials - it is often used in the steel making industry, for example, and it is sometimes used in the manufacture of dry mortar which is used in the casting industry, since it can dry out materials which have different water contents.


Asphalt Plant EquipmentThese machines can be used to keep the water content of materials below 0.5% to 1%, which puts it within standard industrial requirements.


These large scale machinces can take sand which has a moisture content of up to 8.4 percent, and dry it out at very high temperatures. They can dry sand in large quantities - more than a ton per hour for even the smallest of units, and they use relatively little power to do so, producing sand with an effective cost of less than $5 per ton.


If you have ever been faced with the task of keeping sand dry in difficult conditions, then you will appreciate how even a small sand drying unit can be a great labour saving device. While it is, of course, better to keep the sand dry until you need it, there are a lot of benefits to using sand driers. The high temperatures used by some driers are particularly beneficial, because they hep to eliminate pathogens which can spread diseases, and also eliminate any seeds that remain in the sand, ensuring that if you decide to use it as a top dressing it will be completely sanitized.


industrial asphalt equipment


There are many different sizes of sand drier, and they come at many different price points - from small, almost portable units, to massive plant units. Think carefully about how much sand you need to dry and what sort of running costs you are willing to accept. Talk to some specialists and see if you can purchase a second hansd unit that will do the job. Remember that many of the bigger units are modular, and this means they are easier to move and to maintain in the long term, and that getting replacement parts will be an easier task as well. For a machine that will get a lot of use, this is essential.


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